Entry: Coward ... Sunday, October 29, 2006


November 2, 2006   08:53 AM PST
Wow. Well, I'm sure they will. There is no way they are going to let someone like that go free. And personally, I would much rather pay for him to be raped than pay for him to not work.
October 31, 2006   05:47 AM PST
I completely hate to see this happen with people. I went through domestic abuse and my boyfriend/husband being controlling enough to do this shit.

I'm glad I finally got out of it and I'm thankful I did when I did.

I won't ever forget a guy beating up his girlfriend at the State Fair of Texas. My husband watched and decided to step in. He told the guy, "hey, let's make this fair, beat me up because I'm a man and she's a woman..." and the guy snuffed him off with a stupid grin.

Thing is, there was a cop standing nearby with a cup of coffee. I can see it like it was yesterday. He didn't come help until I yelled, "hey, could you come help over here?"

Then, the girl swore she wanted OUT and wanted help getting out of what was going on. She got escorted out and everything...and as we drove off we saw her get into his car.

Saddened me.

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