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Friday, October 13, 2006

Stress Reliever

Well ... I'm finally home from being at the hospital all day.  My Mom's surgery went well and she seems to be doing okay.  She's stronger than I could ever be, that's for sure.  I was planning on staying over night with her, but she's just as stubborn as I am (maybe even more) and insisted that I leave.  Can't argue with her and win, trust me, I tried.  The good thing about today is that the Doctors and staff were great, very attentive and kind.  I was even surprised because of past experiences, but I think they have more compassion, given the situation.  I'm hoping and praying that the cancer was thoroughly removed ... I need some good news to relieve some of the stress ... because I'm sure as hell not relieving it any other way.  *laughs*  Yeah, I know, a little too much info.  Anyways ... I better get some rest ... I have an early and long day tomorrow. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

5 Star Service ...


I took my car for its 6000 mile / 6 month check up because it was due and since I purchased the maintenance plan, I figured I might as well make sure the car is in good working condition.  Well, I arrived at the dealership at approximately 7:30am thinking I'd be one of the first customers because who the hell gets up that early to take their damn car to get an oil change and shit?  Well, there were a few others before me, so I didn't feel too out of place.  The service guy came out quickly and did his inspection of my car and asked what I was there for and after telling him, I waited inside for what seemed like for-fuckin'-ever.  Well, 2 hours later (yeah, for an oil change, brake pad inspection and tire rotation that would have taken me less than an hour to do myself if it wasn't already pre-paid) the cashier calls me up to tell me that my car is ready and that it'd be $59.99.  $59.99???  Excuse me ... did you check my fuckin' contract??  From what I was told, all maintenance is paid for for the first 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.  Well, I TRIED to explain this to the lady but didn't get very far because apparently they've never heard of the maintenance plan before.  She did state (after checking with someone) that oil changes are covered, however the inspection of the brake pads would be $19.99.  Well, by this time, I didn't feel like arguing and besides I had to be at work so I explained to her that perhaps they need to learn about all the plans that the company offers and that I'd be contacting the manager for a reimbursement at a later date.  I tried to be as calm and collective as I could, but I was pissed off at the fuckin' fact that it wouldn't have taken a genius to check the files in the computer to see what is covered in the plans.  Twenty bucks isn't much, but when you pay an additional amount each month to avoid this shit, you better believe I'm gonna get pissed. Anyways ... back to my rant about this fuckin' dealership.  When I got home, I called the finance person that sold me the car and explained to her the situation.  She agreed that I shouldn't have had to pay anything and that the maintenance plan had only been around for a year or so therefore they probably weren't aware of it.  Uhhhh, if new services are offered, wouldn't you think they'd alert the staff to keep them up to date??  Apparently not there.  Anyways ... the thing that REALLY pissed me off is that apparently this fuckin' plan includes a free rental car while they are servicing my vehicle.  Did they offer this???  Of course not, they obviously don't know what the hell is going on.  5 Star Service my ass!!  I suppose I'm partly to blame for not reading the contract thoroughly (come on now, who really reads all the damn fine print) and noticing that I was entitled to that, not only this time but the time before when I wasted 2 more hours at that place.  From now on, I will definitely expect the rental car and no fuckin' hassle because I'll be meeting with the manager of that place before the end of this week. 

Saturday, October 07, 2006

One Thing After Another ...

Well ... she's all moved in and things seem to be going well ... so far.  It's only been a few days so what could really go wrong this soon??  Well ... not only am I her boss ... but now I'm also her landlord and possible sister-in-law ... hahaha ... poor girl.

I received some awful news today from a very dear and close friend of mine.  I've known this guy for almost 20 years and he's always been there for me ... even though he's been incarcerated most of the time I've known him.  Apparently he's been in a wheel chair for the past couple months because they found a couple lumps in his spinal cord.  From what he tells me, he's doing much better and is starting to walk with a cane now.  He's getting the results on Tuesday as to whether it is benign or malignant.  All I could do is wait and pray and be strong for him ... but it's upsetting that he waited this long to tell me.  Yeah I know he didn't want to "burden me" (as he puts it) with the news ... but What the fuck!?!?!  I thought friends were supposed to be there for each other and how the hell am I suppose to do that without knowing a damn thing until after the fact???  Part of me is mad and the other part is scared.  I think it's time that I contact the Correctional Department for a visitation pass ... it's the least I could do. 

As for my Mom ... well, she's doing much better and the cancer should be completely gone by next Friday.  She'll be having surgery that day to remove it and I hope and pray that everything turns out okay.  It has to. 

Damn, I don't know how much more fuckin' bad news I could take.  It seems like one thing after another and it's taking it's toll.  I'm thankful for people like THIS person who always manage to make me smile. 

Sunday, October 01, 2006

New Addition ...

Well, it seems that there is a new addition to my household ... or should I say ... there will be come Tuesday.  Am I thrilled?  No.  Does it bother me?  Perhaps a little.  Will I adjust to it?  Perhaps in time.  Who is this mystery guest I speak of you ask?  Well, it's my little brother's girlfriend.  He asked me today if she could move in and it took me quite some time to answer him, but I decided to play nice and give it a try.  I had to lay down the ground rules though so they understand exactly where I'm coming from and what I expect.  I hope I don't regret my decision ... but then again ... if my decision cramps my style ... then perhaps there'll be some changes in the near future.  Who knows?  I suppose we'll find out.

Contemplating ...

I can't believe a whole year has almost passed since I last updated this site. 

I've been contemplating whether or not I should start blogging again ...

there have been many times in the past year when I've needed to vent ...


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